Recently, I have been having a problem. I’ve been losing my friends and family. Not like, I’m having relationship problems, I’m actually losing them!  They say: “I’m going to bed” and then they just disappear. This brings to me, and I bring to you, the question: Where Is Bed?  This is important people. I’ve looked. All I can find are a bunch of closed doors and … Continue reading Where?


To those of you who read my “where” post, you might notice that this is a trend. You will realize that after reading my post. On a certain unnamed night, I was in my house watching an unnamed news network and an unnamed news anchor was talking about an unnamed news topic. The unnamed ticker said that a certain unnamed congressperson was introducing to congress … Continue reading Who?

Part 2: How To Correctly Use Emojis

Emojis. This is a topic we really can’t take seriously. Or should we? I mean, we need to take it somewhat seriously. In my post Part 1: How To Correctly Use Emojis I discussed the basics of how to use emojis correctly. Today, I’m going to be digging deeper into the roots of emojis to get to core issues like…*drum roll*… how to use emojis with different punctuation. Continue reading Part 2: How To Correctly Use Emojis