Look at the title again. Go on, look. What is it? It’s a scream. That’s right, it’s a scream.  Screaming is completely underrated.  This post probably won’t be widely appreciated, but it needs to be said. Continue reading AHHHHHHHH!!!!(SCREAM!)


The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

I say it’s up to us to extinctify New Years Resolutions. Do away with them. Find a wastebasket and chuck them in. Seal it up and incinerate it. These Annual Resolutions are the single most manipulative and socially-disintegrating commercial constructions of the century. Continue reading The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

On the Hopeless Matter of Names

It is due time to discuss the issues of names. Names are very discriminating little scoundrels, and they immediately class you with some group or another. For instance, if you had to choose to fight someone of the following choice, who would you rather pick: Bobby or Goliath? Most likely, if you’re a normal person, you would cower at even the notion of fighting Goliath, and … Continue reading On the Hopeless Matter of Names

Part 2: How To Correctly Use Emojis

Emojis. This is a topic we really can’t take seriously. Or should we? I mean, we need to take it somewhat seriously. In my post Part 1: How To Correctly Use Emojis I discussed the basics of how to use emojis correctly. Today, I’m going to be digging deeper into the roots of emojis to get to core issues like…*drum roll*… how to use emojis with different punctuation. Continue reading Part 2: How To Correctly Use Emojis

Of Flamingos and Books Poem

Everything craves knowledge in some sense or another, though the manifestations of this fact may vary in distinction. For example, we know that fish travel in schools. From this case, it is quite evident how knowledge-based that society of creatures is. In contrast, there are baboons who scratch their buttocks with twigs. While baboons don’t outwardly present an air of wisdom, they are commonly accepted … Continue reading Of Flamingos and Books Poem