About Us

What’s the point of this blog anyway?

We’re glad you asked.

That’s a very, very good question. Because it hasn’t been asked before.

By anyone.

Even us.

But once the juice started flowing in our systems, we:

  1. Got together.
  2. Talked.
  3. Came up with this: Whole wheat toast

We were pretty blown away by our own intellect, but when the dust settled, we began to think about what this piece of toast meant. To our lives. To humanity. To the meaning of life. This wasn’t any plain piece of bread. It was a piece of toast.

And toast symbolizes two key concepts that are central to this blog:

  1. It sometimes hard to bite into, much like our conversation topics.
  2. It goes well with butter.

In our blog, we strive to tackle deep, controversial subjects with our own way of looking at the world. You could call it a lens; we call it our Philosophy, and it shapes our worldview, our life, our humor.

What food could be better for summing this all up than a piece of toast? And not just any piece of toast. A Philosophical Piece of Toast – in the plural.

Philosophical Pieces of Toast.

Food for Thought.