To those of you who read my “where” post, you might notice that this is a trend. You will realize that after reading my post.

On a certain unnamed night, I was in my house watching an unnamed news network and an unnamed news anchor was talking about an unnamed news topic. The unnamed ticker said that a certain unnamed congressperson was introducing to congress someone named “Bill.”

Since this was the first actual named thing or person, it got me thinking. Who? Yes, Who is Bill? This poor guy, probably pulled off of the street with a torn shirt, and forced to be examined by congress. He had to lay there on a table and have people try to read him like he was an open book. I’ll say it again: poor Bill.

It got me thinking, as I said earlier. Earlier this year (or maybe late last year, the year is unnamed) my fellow author Grant Clover wrote a post on names. He made the point that names are tricky little discriminating guys, and I agree. However, I think it is necessary that people are named. You should know people’s real names.

It is not right that Bill is forced to sit on a table and have all these unnamed people looking at him, yelling at him, and poking him with sharp sticks.  It’s just not right. He should be able to know who is looking/yelling/poking at him. He should be able to say “listen here Bob, you stop poking me this minute.”

Alias’s are only for criminals. People should be open and honest. People should admit that their name is Bob (if your name is not Bob, I would like to make it clear that that last statement does not apply to you.)

Food for thought.


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