Recently, I have been having a problem. I’ve been losing my friends and family. Not like, I’m having relationship problems, I’m actually losing them!  They say: “I’m going to bed” and then they just disappear. This brings to me, and I bring to you, the question: Where Is Bed? 

This is important people. I’ve looked. All I can find are a bunch of closed doors and kind of fluffy rectangles.  It’s confusing. When someone says “I’m going to school” or “I’m going to the movies” I know where that is. But bed?  ???  Why aren’t my friends and family more clear? It brings to mind to phrase “precision of language” from The Giver. Precision of language people! Why can’t I find bed? Can anyone help me?

I tried following my brother, but I got lost when he walked around a corner, and then I fell asleep waiting for him to come back around it. The next night I tried following my sister and I found another closed door.

At one point, it occurred to me that “bed” might be the doors themselves, but when I tried to walk through one, it punched me in the face. After I had informed it that it had several names it didn’t know of, I walked away and fell asleep.

One thing is very clear through all of this: people need to be more clear. They need to explain where they’re going, what they’re doing, and how they get there. If you know where bed is and are able to help me find my friends and family, that would be heartily welcome. Precision of language.

Food for thought.


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