The Judging Cycle

There. Read it again. Judging. In fact, we all do it. You feel threatened by the way people might think of you, how you look, the way you act, who you are. You never want to step out of your comfort zone around other people, because you feel like they will judge you. Yes, that’s possible. They may judge you. But whoever is judging you is most likely not a nice person . If you’re judging me right now for what I’m saying, I’m sorry I just called you not nice. So your fear is: people may think poorly of you.

Let’s use one of my most embarrassing moments. I recently got a gym membership and had a very embarrassing incident. I was heading to grab some weights, and right where the weights I wanted were there was a guy standing, doing some weird workout. I don’t know if he fully realized he was standing so close to the weights, because he was super into whatever song he was listening to. Anyway, I went to try to scoot in front of him to grab the weights I needed. I grabbed my weights and stepped out of his way. That was my mistake. I tripped on the weight rack and almost fell down with the weights in my hand. Luckily, I didn’t totally fall, but I had clearly made a scene. Everyone was looking at me. I don’t think I had ever felt so insecure in my life. Actually, I haven’t shared this story with anyone. I guess I’m still a little traumatized.

Back to my story, I nonchalantly walked to my bench and started my next set. I was so uncomfortable. I had luckily finished most of my workout, so I left soon after.

People may not have been judging me, but I just automatically assumed that they were. Basically, I’m judging them, assuming they were judging me. They may have been judging the person who was standing close to the weight rack practically dancing. In that case, I’d still be right since they were still judging someone.

It’s a never ending process of judging. Maybe get to know the person that you think is judging you. Because if that person is nice, and you get to know them well enough, eventually they will tell you what’s a little off with you. They’re just being honest with you. That’s when you know you have a good friend.

Food for thought.


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