For the Lonely (A Valentine’s Day Post)

In this present time—Valentine Season—there is an excess of upbeat and blissful sentiment. For some, this is a depressing period. For some, this is a time of loneliness.

You see, not everyone has a someone. Not everyone is happy. When we celebrate love, we forget that some haven’t found it. That’s why I’m writing this. For the lonely. I hope this encourages the single people out there.

Remember you have yourself. Yes, it’s true. By being without a match, you are left with—many studies have shown it to be true—your favorite person. Must I repeat it: YOURSELF. So never forget that you’re in the best of company by being lonely.

If this is not satisfactory, I have created some Single Person Sentiment. Keep reading for some things that you can repeat to yourself throughout this month to hopefully be of some comfort. Hope it helps.

Normally, there are heart candies with inscriptions like Be Mine, I Love You, You Rock, Smile, Miss You, etc. etc. etc. No more! Those are for lovestruck couples and ignorant Kindergarteners. This is for you:

I’m Mine

I Love Me

I Rock


Miss Nothing

Me & Me

If you’re feeling especially depressed,* you can just substitute nothing in most of those. (I’m Nothing. I Love Nothing. Nothing Rocks. *Depression is not suggested or advocated by Philosophical Toast Blog)

It’s helpful for some people to pretend that they’re in love with something. I wouldn’t be surprised if people are writing love letters to Amazon or People Magazine for lack of better options. If that’s you, then the following may suit you best:

Only Target

Chocolate & Me

Cutie iPhones

First Tweet

Hug Books

Kiss Whales

My Heart Candy for Singles

I pray that this provides some healing in this heartbreaking season.

Happy Singles Awareness Day.

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