Look at the title again. Go on, look. What is it? It’s a scream. That’s right, it’s a scream.  Screaming is completely underrated.  This post probably won’t be widely appreciated, but it needs to be said.

Part of the reason that most people don’t like scream-o music is because of it’s harsh noise and it’s seemingly lack of talent. I have had several friends say  “scream-o music has no talent, all they do is scream.” This is not true (ok it is true that most of what they do is scream) but what most people don’t realize is that the singers for bands like Korn and System Of a Down are actually really talented vocalists when they aren’t screaming. Chester Bennington ( may he Rest In Peace) from Linkin Park has a beautiful voice! These guys just don’t start screaming. It takes years of vocal practice to be the singer of a scream-o band.

Screaming is a great way to get rid of tension and blow off steam. When someone mentions that they listen to heavy metal, please don’t assume that they are a satanist druggy. Now of course, they could say “hey, I’m a satanist druggy!” In which case, it would be safe to assume that they are. Scream-o music is full of people who are just trying to express they’re feelings. Take a listen to it. And if you can’t understand, I get it, just look up the lyrics.

Don’t judge without listening to both sides of the story, or in this case, both sides of the song.

Food for thought.


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