Of Flamingos and Books Poem

Everything craves knowledge in some sense or another, though the manifestations of this fact may vary in distinction. For example, we know that fish travel in schools. From this case, it is quite evident how knowledge-based that society of creatures is. In contrast, there are baboons who scratch their buttocks with twigs. While baboons don’t outwardly present an air of wisdom, they are commonly accepted as one of the smartest mammals on planet earth. The lesson here is don’t judge a book by its cover. Another lesson is don’t be fooled into concluding anything from baboon’s twig scratching. However, the main lesson here is that all things run their route on the quest for intelligence in unique fashions. On this note, I have decided to share a poem of mine outlining the manner of which Flamingos seek education:

Pink, dapper, balanced on one foot, 
Beaks shiny, feathers neatly put. 
Glasses, pages, eyes in a book, 
Flamingos read classics filled with gobbledygook. 

Book clubs, members, all in a row, 
Wings to flap, holding books for show.  
Reading, skimming, drinking each term, 
Stuffing in knowledge that will make their brains squirm. 

Larks, sparrows, mainly flamingos
Adore learning, watch their heads grow.
Don’t hold it against anyone, even birds,
For many enjoy deep thought and the most eloquent words. 

—Grant Clover

Truly, this is a testament to all things discussed earlier. 

Food for thought. 


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