Dream or Reality? POEM

We have memories from both dreams and real life. Granted. But sometimes we dream so much that it becomes hard to tell what came from a dream and what happened in real life. How do you separate the two?

One piece of advice I offer people to distinguish between dreams and real life is that if the memory is epicprofoundunrealistic, or sensational, then it probably came from a dream, since those types of adjectives can rarely be found in real life. On the other hand, if a memory seems mundaneboring, or cynical, then it probably really happened, since we live in an over-abundance of those types of things anyway. 

Funnily enough, I decided to sum up the general idea I’m getting at in a poem titled “In Your Dreams.”

“In Your Dreams”

Reach for the powdered jar of clay
Reach for the sunshine glitter day
Reach for all that has gone away
Of course not real, yet in your dreams.

See all the sky with forest haze
Blink in the light of a thousand days
Grasp all the corn in the dark maze.
Which is not real, yet in your dreams.

Catch for the sky and dancing rain,
Watch the crimson window pane,
Read your favorite Thomas Paine
All darkened hopes within your dreams.

Lightning bugs and grass shards do
Count as things that are quite few.
On earth, you’ll find they hide from you.
Of course, ‘cause they’re just in your dreams.

Now all the light has passed away
The night mistaken for the day
Your world is real? Then who are they?
And are they real life or your dreams?

The line is drawn between the lands:
Surreal trees or desert sands
It’s hard to pick up all the strands
To know, to tell, what’s in your dreams.

-Michael Metzler JR. (In Your Dreams)

You think it’s easy to tell the difference between dream and reality? Think again. Frequently do the tables turn. The dream becomes reality. The reality is the dream. You may think you’re dreaming right now, but really you’re wide awake.

At night you might think you’re wide awake, but really, you’re dreaming. Pinch yourself. You may tell us this isn’t true. But it is. Is it?

Food for Thought.


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