Christmastime Is Here…Again!


Every year Christmas comes rolling around. Every year we express our surprise at its speedy return. Every year.

Why is it that Christmas pounces on us—such unsuspecting victims—each and every single year? We blow on the dandelions in fields of green as Spring emerges into full display. We frolic and play under the sun during summer, relishing the warmth of the air. We leap into piles of leaves as Fall descends into view, as the world changes colors. Then BOOM!!!! It’s Christmastime!!! Frosty inflatables are stationed in front yards. Ostentatious exhibitions of lights are flashing green, red, white, yellow from every square inch of house in sight. It’s a day after Halloween, but already there’s nothing but Santa decorations, Christmas trees, Easy-Gifts-For-Kids ads, jingling bells, hot cocoa packets at every store. There’s holiday music playing on every corner, permeating the air, infiltrating every crevice of our Christmas-saturated society. There’s snow being depicted in every storybook, and there are gumdrops in everyone’s dreams. There are wishlists beings thrown at parents, and there are expectations in the hearts of every child. There are platters of food on tables, and there’s candy being gorged in secret in closets and pantries. There are wreaths decorating doorways and there are mistletoes looming above lovestruck couples. There are Polar Bear Coke commercials airing over and over, and there are Home Alone reruns that people watch over and over. There are ugly Christmas sweaters being worn and there are white elephant gifts being collected. There’s money flowing down the drains to the horror of every father, and there are bank accounts suffering as a result. By the end of the first day of December, we are reeling. Our minds are spinning, incessantly repeating Santa Claus is Coming To Town.

We are plunged into this season without warning, without time to properly prepare. Yet it comes every year. How are we still not used to this transition?

I attribute our routine shock to our inability to adapt for the following reason. As humans, we are subjected to the flaws of our kind; one of which is susceptibility to marketers. Yes, I blame the marketers!!! Marketers are the masters of philosophy, the grand hypnotists of the present day, and arguably the rulers of the world. The reason we can’t suitably adapt each year is that marketers don’t allow us to. People decide that they’ll prepare for Christmas early to avoid the hubbub, so they plan on buying gifts before usual, decorating the house before normal, and heading to the stores before the crowds. But the marketers foresee this circumstance and they start Christmas even earlier! They begin the sales, and run the ads, and embellish the stores with ornaments and Santa dolls with record timeliness. Next thing we know, we are pushing, shoving, pulling others to grab the last ham on the shelf. Marketers are toying with our pitiful vulnerability to their schemes. Each day we seek to outsmart them, only for them to begin the celebrations and chaos sooner than ever. No doubt, some day Christmas is going to be a year round thing. There is no end. There is no escape. We are weak to the marketers mind-tricks.

I challenge everyone—everyone!—to arm themselves with the blade of good thinking (especially thinking both scrumptious and crunchable)! Verse yourselves in knowledge and equip your minds with intelligence. Give marketers a run for their money!

Here we are. It’s upon us once again. The season of merriment and joy and holiday cheer has returned, and we are in the clutches of the marketers once more. Jovial exchanges of “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, and “Happy New Year” are due. Better get started.



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