Why Students Hate Essays

Let’s talk Life-Hacks here. I mean serious ones; I don’t mean buying fake flowers to conserve water and save groundhogs in South Africa, or saving electricity by throwing away your microwave, or saving money by saving coupons. I’m talking about that bane of student existence: Writing Essays. Continue reading Why Students Hate Essays


Recently, I have been having a problem. I’ve been losing my friends and family. Not like, I’m having relationship problems, I’m actually losing them!  They say: “I’m going to bed” and then they just disappear. This brings to me, and I bring to you, the question: Where Is Bed?  This is important people. I’ve looked. All I can find are a bunch of closed doors and … Continue reading Where?


To those of you who read my “where” post, you might notice that this is a trend. You will realize that after reading my post. On a certain unnamed night, I was in my house watching an unnamed news network and an unnamed news anchor was talking about an unnamed news topic. The unnamed ticker said that a certain unnamed congressperson was introducing to congress … Continue reading Who?